Redevelopment of a factory – “Spazio tactico”

Redevelopment of a factory - Spazio tactico, tra parco e fabbrica

Bachelor thesis project: recover an ancient town, Castiglione Olona, near Milan.
The project was developed by focusing on everyday events. This theme highlighted the characteristics necessary for a coherent development of the project, such as aggregation, socialization, communication and more. The area that interests the project wants to influence on the mood of its inhabitants. Thus raising the questions of, which kind of emotions can be produced in people? And how?
The project takes place in an ex-industrial building, a new space that adapt itself to the pre-existing context, but highlight its own connotation. This project will provide a new meeting point for the town and a place for art workshops. Starting from a new concept for relationships, we wanted to increase the possibility for interactions between people. As a result a place where everyday life is characterized by creative impulses, such as the development of personal creativity through art workshops and by meeting other people.